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Are you looking to improve your vocal range? Tired of singing lessons that don’t excite or challenge you to improve?

Tony Stott Vocal Coaching is a service that aims to help you find the voice that you have always wanted.

Your sessions build on where you are now and look to help you fix minor issues, build a big repertoire of songs you want to sing and find the fun in performing for what ever stage you want to be on.

Tony understands performance and has extensive experience in building confidence in his students to get to the next stage in their journey.

Build core Vocal strength
Increase Range
Build a repertoire of comfortable songs
Have Fun finding your true voice

“I truly believe in having fun, dedication, and self-discipline.”

What you can expect

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Vocal Warm Up's

Build repertoire

Music Cutting/Show Production Service

Confidence Building

Vocal Coaching differs from singing lessons by focusing on the singer and where they are in their current Journey.

By focusing on what isn’t working for the singer or building tools to strengthen a voice, improvements can be seen quickly as well as the enjoyment of hearing the song being performed comfortably.

Each session will be structured to build on your requirements. That might be looking at an issue you have with a particular song or a note that seems to just be out of reach.

The principle of each session though is to move forwards, with a little bit of regular strength building and work on control or range. 

Every singer is different and it’s like going to a PT at the gym.

You may be looking for a quick fix of a specific issue, you may want regular sessions to keep your focus or you might just want a set package.

No client is the same and it’s not a one size fits all. Get in touch and lets see what is the best for you.

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