Tony Stott


I was always on stage, school plays, hotel ball rooms and anywhere I could be in front of a crowd. Even now that I have stopped performing with bands and in musicals, if I get the chance to host or speak in front of a crowd, I will take that opportunity.

Singing though was always the best buzz factor that I could get and I have been lucky enough to perform in front of audiences in their hundreds and thousands, on some top class stages at very well known venues…….. as well as pubs and weddings where there were no audiences either.

Once my children started to get the enjoyment out of performing, I decided to take a back seat and focus on producing shows but I still loved the chance to sing and when the opportunity arose to teach and work with singers came up, I just knew that I had to use the 40+ years of experience to help as many people get the same joy as I did.

Lessons are fun and enjoyable and I like to work on the music you want to sing, so get in touch, even for a quick chat and lets see how we can find the voice you want to be heard.


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